You've probably seen lots of discussion about the possible health benefits of canaryseed on the Internet. Some people claim it helps them maintain a healthy weight. Others say it supports normal health of the heart and cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys and pancreas.

So what's the truth about canaryseed?

The truth is, no one knows for sure how canaryseed affects human disease or health conditions, because scientists haven't studied these things yet.

So here on the Pureza website, when it comes to discussing health benefits of canaryseed, until we know for sure, we stick to talking about how Silica Fiber Free™ canaryseed supports normal health. Once scientific studies are done to investigate how canaryseed affects human health, diseases or other health conditions, we'll make sure to post the latest and greatest information here for you!

If someone has taken canaryseed and noticed a change in his or her health, it could be that canaryseed caused the change, it could be a coincidence, or it could be due to other changes in diet, medication, health care or lifestyle. There's no way to know without testing canaryseed on humans using controlled scientific experiments and testing enough people that it's actually possible to detect a statistically significant trend. This hasn't been done yet.

Even so, based on information and stories from friends and family members, many people try canaryseed to try to change a specific health condition. So we sell only the highest quality, Silica Fiber Free™ canaryseed, so that people who do want to try it can use the best canaryseed available, without the possible silica fiber risks associated with bird-food grade canaryseed.

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