If you decide to try canaryseed, keep these two things in mind.

First, the type of canaryseed that you buy is very important. Common types of canaryseed often found in bird food and sometimes sold for human consumption have silica fibers on the hull that have been associated with throat cancer in humans.

For your health and safety, avoid these risks of traditional canaryseed by buying only Silica Fiber Free™ canaryseed. Pureza sells only this type of canaryseed, so if you buy the Pureza brand, you can be 100% certain it's Silica Fiber Free™.

Second, whole canaryseed contains every part of the grain: the protective hull, the bran, the germ and the endosperm. The bran and the hull of any grain contain quite a bit of dietary fiber, so if you have previously experienced difficulties digesting fiber or whole grains, when you try canaryseed, please start out gradually and monitor yourself carefully. This is important anytime you try a new supplement.

Each person is unique, so you may not experience the same effects as someone else. If when you try canaryseed you experience any unexpected effects that concern you, contact a health professional immediately.

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