You might not guess that canaryseed and grapefruit have this in common: antioxidant activity. One scientific study indicates that canaryseed has antioxidant activity very close to Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Antioxidants seem to perform an important function in the body, protecting cells from damage by free radicals that may play a role in some diseases.

Free radicals act like "renegades" in the body, getting involved, causing damage, and setting off chain reactions where they aren't invited. They're produced when our bodies break down food or we're exposed to certain environmental factors such as smoke.

There have been thousands of studies done on antioxidants, with varying and sometimes conflicting results. It's generally agreed, however, that antioxidants help stop the effects of free radicals by essentially volunteering to be oxidized (take on an extra hydrogen or electron) instead of letting healthy body molecules be oxidized. This reduces what's called "oxidative stress" in the body, helping us to maintain normal cellular function.

If after doing your own research you decide to increase the antioxidants in your diet, consider adding them to your canaryseed smoothie! Try adding berries, plums, apples, pears or cherries. You can even go green, adding broccoli, spinach or kale. For antioxidants plus healthy fats and protein, try adding soaked nuts or even soaked, cooked pinto beans.

One of our favorite combinations here at Pureza is soaked canaryseed, apple, spinach, a squeeze of lemon, and a sliver of garlic.

Remember, whenever you add fresh produce to your canaryseed drink, the sooner you drink it after blending the more nutritional value and active enzymes it will have. And make sure to refrigerate any canaryseed milk that you do not drink immediately.

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