Pureza: the finest Silica Fiber Free™ canaryseed

People have long used the seeds of canary grass, native to the Mediterranean, to make canaryseed milk or leche alpiste, a nutritious dietary supplement and a good source of protein and iron.

When you buy Pureza alpiste, you buy the finest Silica Fiber Free™ alpiste available today, sourced directly from our trusted farmers in Canada. For you, only the purest.

Learn more about alpiste in our FAQ, check out our tasty recipes and try it yourself!

Know the difference

Silica Fiber Free™ canaryseed

The traditional canaryseed (alpiste) typically sold as bird food has tiny silica “hairs” on the hull that have been linked to esophageal cancer in humans. Learn more about the risks of traditional alpiste and how Pureza is different.

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